Sunday, December 30, 2012

Apple Spice

The eating rage seems to be bakery/cafe type places. AppleSpice is yet another Kneaders, Paradise Bakery, Zuppas, etc...The popularity of such places, I believe, is the freshness of their products. Everything is made, cut or cooked there with actual ingredients---not with bagged or canned stuff. I went to AppleSpice in Logan with my nephew and his family to enjoy hot chocolate, clam chowdah, and half a veggie sandwich on a cold, snowy day! The food was great, but the the company was better!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Movie and Crepery

 I saw the last Twilight movie with my nephew and his wife. I don't think I ever realized how cheesy the movies were until this last one---but I finished out the series. The ending was different than the book and I liked it! So I did like it even with the cheesiness! But then again, I do like cheese! After the show, we went to the Crepery---where they use crepes for their food of choice! I never thought of using crepes for sandwich wraps! I got a yummy crepe sandwich and a almond steamer---and in my steamer I wanted a bit of chocolate sauce so they made a heart in my drink! And the atmosphere was so quaint and cozy!! The Crepery is now one of my new favorite places to eat!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my niece and her husband in SLC. Before we went to the concert, we wandered around the City Creek Center(and of course had to go try some Godiva chocolate)! We ate at the Blue Lemon which gets all its ingredients from local farmers---it was so yummy! I would definitely eat there again! For the concert we had excellent seats to enjoy the light show that goes along with the music.  I think that I would enjoy watching the light show even if I couldn't hear the music! It was simply amazing! And I loved the 'rock and roll' Christmas story and music! I felt like I was back in the 80s for a moment! It was MTVs Headbanger's Ball(music) meets Mormon Tabernacle Choir's The Spoken Word(sweet story)!! Between the sights and the sounds, it was almost a sensory overload! Plus since it was at the Energy Solutions Arena, I splurged and got their nachos---love their nachos(and normally I only get them if I go to a Jazz game)!! So it really was a great night all around!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Arches National Park

During Fall Break, I met up with my nephew and his family in Moab so we could enjoy Arches National Park together. We stayed at a hotel called the Rustic Inn and it was in a way---it had a kitchenette right next to the bathroom so the only sink we had was the kitchen sink, so grooming and food were kind of in the same area. And plugs were few and far between! But it was a nice place to sleep! And we definitely tired ourselves out enough! Moab was one crowded town---I guess everyone had the idea to hit the national parks one last time before Winter comes! Arches was amazing----we walked and hiked many places! My favorites were Delicate Arch---the famous Utah arch,  and the Sand Dune arch---you walk into softest sand(so we took our shoes off to enjoy the coolness of it) with walls of red, tall sandstone surrounding you! The kids had a blast in the sand---it was like entering a playground because all the kids were running and jumping barefoot in the sand---it was a happy place! And after all that walking, I didn't even feel guilty indulging in a bit of fat/sugar loaded foods! Loved that I was able to spend time with my nephew and his family in such an amazing place!

Boise, ID

A few weekends ago I drove up to Boise to visit with 2 of my nieces. I was hoping to fly since it's a quick flight and 5 hours is a long time to drive to me, but flights were ridiculously high for such a short flight---hence, I drove. After three and a half hours, I stopped in Jerome to pick up Tauna and her kids. Much to my relief, she offered to drive the rest of the way to Boise(because my eyes were feeling very heavy)! We stayed with Selena in her new home! The weekend was very busy between eating,  a movie(Hotel Transylvania--very cute!), arcade games, BSU football game(BSU won on their "smurf turf") and Haunted World(2 kids were being wimpy about it, but we got them through okay)! Loved spending time with my nieces!